Mark Murphy Rolls the Dice on McVay/Shanahan Understudy

Let me be clear, I hate this. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I asked Santa Clause for one thing, ONE THING, and the fat bastard said no. If you read my last post you know I’m referring to wanting Josh McDaniels as the next Head Coach in Green Bay. Well today right around 6PM Eastern time ESPNs Adam Schefter tweeted to the world that the Packers were closing in on Titans OC Matt LaFleur as their next HC. Not only was I personally not interested in LeFleur, but he was the only mentioned name I specifically said I didn’t want.

Look I could be totally wrong, and for the record I hope I am, but this just reeks of trying to find the next Sean McVay. Here’s the thing, McVay is Haileys Comet. Guys like him don’t come along often, he was hired at only 30 years old and asked to be the Head Coach of players and other coaches who are older than him. Not only does he do it but he takes the league by storm. Former NFL Quarterback and current Podcast host Chris Simms has taken to calling McVay “Kid Genius” and it’s perfect, I mean recently McVay gave a full scouting report player by player on the Chicago Bears defense right off the top of his head in a weekly press conference. This guy rolls into the NFL like a tornado and everyone is trying to get some of the shine.

Another young Head Coach whose bright offensive mind is working wonders is Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan does not have the talent in San Francisco that McVay has in LA, but he’s found a way to make an inferior roster at least halfway exciting winning some games w CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens behind center, not to mention turning George Kittle into one of the most dangerous weapons in the league.

Now onto LaFleur. The former Titans OC has worked with both Shanahan and McVay in recent years. In the 2016 LaFleur was the Quarterbacks coach in Atlanta while Shanahan was the OC who crafted the offense that won Matt Ryan an MVP and helped earn the Falcons a trip to the Super Bowl. Then in 2017 he worked under McVay in LA as the Offensive Coordinator before McVay allowed LaFleur to move onto Tennessee this past season.

Obviously the new Packers Head Coach has been close with two of the games brightest minds, but that Tennessee offense this year did nothing to excite me. A subpar year for an offensive coordinator who is just 39 years old doesn’t scream “I’ve earned my head coaching opportunity!” But clearly Packers President Mark Murphy and GM Brian Gutekunst see something in LeFleur they really love, so much so they are foregoing a second round of interviews to hire Matt immediately and not risk him going anywhere else with numerous coaching vacancies around the league.

The NFL is and always will be a copycat league, and Sean McVay is it’s new golden boy. As Murphy rolls the dice he hopes “Kid Genius” rubbed off on the 15th Head Coach in Packers history, and I hope to God he’s right. Also, screw you Santa.

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