I Am Willing To Fist Fight Michael Rapaport To Defend Ariana Grande’s Honor

There is two things in this world I will not stand for: 1. Henrik Lundqvist slander and 2. People attacking Ariana Grande’s looks. Guess what Michael Rapaport did… He went after my girl Ariana…. maliciously. It was uncalled for and a cheap shot so now I have to defend her honor. This is the tweet Rapaport posted yesterday:

This fucking pasty mother fucker. I can’t even believe it. I don’t even know where to start to be honest. First off, I don’t even know how old that picture is. Has to be like 10-12 years old easily. We’re talking Nickelodeon days Ariana. I was unaware that she acts 12. I know she likes Harry Potter and you know what I can find you a million people who are ages 8-65 that probably enjoy Harry Potter. Wingardium leviosa Rapaport you herpes having has been.

I mean yeah she wears boots a lot. But it’s not like her legs are deformed so I don’t understand the shot at her legs whatsoever. The genie pony tale? A tale is actually a fictitious story so not only are you blind when it comes to looks, you are also illiterate like Floyd Mayweather. That pony TAIL is iconic as fuck and that’s coming from a straight male who’s hair has never been longer than two inches. Cat eye makeup… lost on that one too. To say you see hotter girls who work at Starbucks is creepy and a flat out lie. Odds are they are underage. Not a good look Rap and Starbucks sucks balls.

Obviously Rapaport felt compelled to attack one of the hottest stars of the year to get people to check out his shit podcast. Any attention is good attention. But come on man… this isn’t it. You got mad at Barstool Sports for coming at you with a clown shirt that depicted you with a herpes outbreak:

But hey, attack a girl who is very very attracttive and half your age. Whatever helps you try to stay relevant Rap. I used to like you, I was pumped when you boarded the pirate ship and joined forces with Barstool but your “shtick” grew old quick. You seem like a guy that nobody wants to be around and that makes me feel somewhat sad for you. I mean I don’t blame Phoebe Buffay for choosing Paul Rudd over you in Friends. Phoebe hit you with that quick Thank U, Next before it was cool. Seriously I rather shoot myself in the face with a musket twice than have a face to face conversation with you. Your skin complexion looks like outdated cottage cheese.

50 years old and this is what you turned into. Not a good look Mr. Rapaport. I have to defend my girl Ariana here. I would like to challenge you to a fight. You make the rules I don’t care, I can’t stand here and turn a blind eye while you try and drag my girl through the mud.

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