Manny Machado Update: Chicago White Sox? No Offer From Yankees?

Manny Machado is one of the most sought after free agents this offseason. Last time we checked in the three big players were and continue to be the Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Phillies and my beloved New York Yankees. We all knew he wouldn’t make a decision until after New Years. Well here we on January 10th 2019, a week and a half into the New Year and still no final decision by Manny.

We all know that Chicago and Philly was willing to offer him the most money. Probably upwards of $200 million. Nowhere close to his $300 million asking price but nonetheless a shit ton of money. The Yankees who are playing this whole situation worse than a blind man playing poker haven’t even made an actual offer yet.

Hal Steinbrenner. What are we doing here? He’s been clamoring about the thought of playing in pinstripes and you’re lowballing him for what reason? We need someone to replace Didi while he’s recovering from Tommy John surgery. Hate to tell you Hal, Troy Tulowitzki ain’t it chief.

If it’s true the Yankees haven’t even given Manny on offer yet, I will be irate. I’ve been calm, not letting the rumors get to me. But no offer on a stud player like Machado who WANTS to be in New York will probably send me over the edge and shave some years off my life. Stop being a stingy asshat and make an offer Hal. Bust out the checkbook and make your daddy proud.

But it could be too late for that. Machado teased the potential possibility of playing with friend/brother-in-law Yonder Alonso. Where does Alonso play? Oh you know the Chicago White Sox. Machado’s Instagram story from today is just the writing on the wall at this point. Look for yourselves:

Little group shot from the World Baseball Classic. Then Alonso’s All Star jersey that’s framed right next to his later on in the day. Could he be trolling? I really hope so. But it could just be his way of saying he’s made up his mind. This was the Yankees guy. And they shot themselves in the foot by sealing their pockets shut and slapping a Master Lock on them as well.

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