Sean Payton Wheeled Out $225K Plus The Lombardi Trophy Into The Saints Locker Room And I’m All In On It

Sean Payton just pulled one of the biggest power moves in all of coaching history yesterday. To try to motivate his team heading into the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, Payton had three armed guards wheel in $225K (roughly the amount of bonuses the players will make throughout the playoffs.) Also on the cart was the prestigious Vince Lombardi Trophy the Saints won back in 2009 along with the Super Bowl ring to go right along with it.

I mean $225K is a lot of money. More money than I will ever see in my life honestly and that’s depressing so we wont talk about it. But what does $225k look like? Probably very similar to this:


It’s a great motivational tactic for sure. My boss could lay out what I’m making in front of me on a daily basis before my shift starts and I’m telling you it would 100% make me work harder. Granted it would only be around a hundred dollars, but hey everybody has to start somewhere.

The Saints square off against the Eagles Sunday afternoon. Eagles are revived and surging with Big Dick Nick Foles at the helm. But the Saints who are the number one seed in the NFC look to stop the Eagles from potentially going back to back. It should be a very good game and a tight one at that but I believe it is the Saints game to lose. The Saints offense is just too well-rounded and have so many weapons. I don’t think that the Eagles depleted defense who has played well as of late can keep up with guys like Michael Thomas, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara. Drew Brees who is turning forty in a few days shows no signs of slowing down and is chasing after his second Super Bowl.

With Sean Payton laying it out there for the players, Brees possibly making his final rounds in the NFL and this team having one of the best offenses in the league if you play for the New Orleans Saints and aren’t ready to run through a wall and win a championship after all of this, how in the hell do you consider yourself a football player?