Game Of Thrones Dropped A New Trailer For The Final Season And I am Beyond Ready


Holy. Fucking. Shit… I am beyond ready for the final season of Game Of Thrones. This trailer just brought me a very soft six to an immediate midnight just like that. The last episode of Thrones aired on August 27th 2017. We have gone 16 months just sitting. Waiting. They have been teasing us slowly and finally they drop this beautiful trailer on us. April 14th can’t come soon enough. We still have three full months before that beautiful Thrones theme hits us right in the god damn chest. Jon Snow. Daenerys. Cersei. The god damn Night King and his Ice Dragon. So fucking ready.

Best part about Thrones premiering on April 14th is that Sunday also happens to be Masters Sunday. So we will be going from watching Tiger Woods win his first Masters since 2005 right into a glorious hour and a half episode of Game Of Thrones. Wake me up in April people, I don’t care about the Super Bowl, I don’t care about hockey right now, baseball starts in April. I am willing to slip myself into a coma for Thrones right now. See you folks in three months. Winter is most definitely fucking coming!

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