Who Will Be The New York Giants Quarterback In 2019?

With the NFL Divisional round of the playoffs coming to a close this weekend and the NFL gearing up for the Championship games, I think it’s time to look into the Giants future for next season. A lot of question marks for this team but the biggest one of them all is who is going to be leading this offense under center come September. A lot of names are being tossed around but let’s take a look at the more probable scenarios for the Giants and their quarterback situation. 

Eli Manning


Let’s start with the easy scenario here, Eli Manning comes back for his final year of his contract to lead the Giants to a possible 8-8 record. Don’t get me wrong here, I love Eli. I appreciate all the memories he has given us fans over the years BUT he has clearly hit a severe decline over the last few years. You can blame it on his suspect offensive line or the play calling from the McAdoo years but it was clear as day this year he is afraid to take the necessary shots downfield in a game when the play is there. Has Eli lost confidence in his arm? Most likely. The guy is 38 years old and the 2019 season would be his 16th year in the league, that’s a lot of wear and tear on his body for sure. If it wasn’t for the four yard dump passes to Saquon this year his numbers would stick out like a sore thumb and his decline would be evident to some fans who are delusional. Eli starting next year is the most likely scenario. Mara probably thinks he owes it to Eli for the last 15 years but if this team wants to be serious and start moving towards a brighter future, they need to find Eli’s replacement immediately. Kyle Lauletta is not it. Alex Tanney is not it. Figure it out Gettleman before you waste Odell and Saquons prime years. But I would like to thank Eli for the two Super Bowl championships he allowed me to see and I will forever be grateful for that. I wish him the best.

Dwayne Haskin (Ohio State)


Haskins is most likely going to be the best quarterback coming out of the 2019 NFL Draft, unless Kyler Murray declares for the draft, which we will get to later on. I for one am not huge on the Giants potentially drafting Haskins. I just don’t trust Ohio State quarterbacks. You can do a look back and its been quite some time since one of them have found success at the professional level. Last two quarterbacks from Ohio State that were drafted? Terrelle Pyror and Troy Smith. One found success but only because he jumped over to play wide receiver and the other one only played a handful of games before getting pushed out of the league. Could Haskins be the one to break the streak of bad Ohio State quarterbacks? Sure. Do I want to take the risk on him being the guy? Absolutely not. Haskins had a phenomenal year, throwing for fifty touchdowns and 4831 yards. If the Giants go this route I don’t see him getting thrusted into the starter role right away. He would sit behind Eli and we could see him somewhere around the halfway point of the season. But once again, me personally I would pass on Haskins.

Nick Foles


Yeah, I’m saying it. Get me Nick Foles in the offseason. I don’t care if he’s going to be 30 years old this year. If you don’t want to draft a QB this year and wait a couple of years you go out and you throw money at Foles. He has shown he can succeed and win on the biggest stage. He took out the combo of Belichick and Brady like it was nothing. Get Big Dick Nick on the New York Football Giants! And I’m not saying to sign this guy to a mega deal by any means. If you can get him for two years at $20 million a year to be a bridge quarterback until you find your next QB for the future, who would pass that up? He knows the NFC East. He can play at a high level and he can put you into a situation to win football games. If you don’t stick with Eli and want to go the free agency route, this is the only guy who would make sense. It’s never everyday that a Super Bowl MVP can drop into your lap in the offseason because we all know the Eagles would be CRAZY to give up on Wentz and stick with Foles after two years. Just something to think about. That’s all

And now last but not least, definitely the least likely scenario of them all and there’s probably less than a five percent chance of this ever happening:

Josh Rosen


That’s right Josh Rosen, the tenth overall pick from last years draft. Imagine a world where the Giants were ridiculed for passing on a quarterback last year to take Saquon Barkley and then the very next offseason they acquire a quarterback from that very same draft. I’d love it. Rosen who had a very underwhelming rookie season in Arizona, 2278 yards 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions, could possibly be on the move according to rumors. With Kliff Kingsbury being named the new head coach of the Cardinals last week, people have begun talking about the fact Kingsbury said on record that if he could take Kyler Murray number one overall in the draft he would. Well guess what, Arizona has the number one pick and rumors are swirling that Murray may declare for the draft some point tonight or even tomorrow on the deadline. Murray has even officially told the Oakland Athletics that he wants $15 million guaranteed to play baseball:

I mean if Murray declares and Kingsbury is a man of his word then Rosen would definitely be on the move and if I’m the Giants I would be on the phone the second Murray declares for the NFL draft. Rosen would have the chance to learn behind Eli in the offseason and some of the regular season before Eli gives him the keys to lead the offense. I mean I’d take learning the position from an aging Eli instead of that bum Sam Bradford any day of the week. He would go from having an offense with old man Larry Fitzgerald, David Johnson, JJ Nelson and other guys who barely have as much talent as the Giants do. He would be surrounded by Saquon, OBJ, Sterling Shepard, hopefully a healthy and dominant Evan Engram. I mean he would be set up for nothing but success. But like I said this scenario has like a 8% chance of ever coming true but us Giants fans can always dream, right?

Also side note. Keep Joe Flacco the fuck out of the Meadowlands. Please and thank you.


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