Jim Boeheim Soiled Himself In Syracuse’s OT Thriller Against Duke

Earlier tonight unranked Syracuse beat #1 Duke in a OT thriller on Duke’s home court. If you aren’t a huge college basketball fan, this years Duke team is the equivalent to the Monstars in Space Jam. I mean it’s basically unfair. Zion Williamson is the definition of a freak of a nature and the cast surrounding him make this team a clear-cut favorite to win yet another national title. But for tonight, Syracuse and Jim Boeheim had other plans.

Cuse and Duke went back and forth before eventually heading to overtime. Syracuse pulled away with about a minute and a half left in the overtime period to secure the win. Duke lost a lot of steam when guard Tre Jones suffered an injury, a separated AC joint. Ever since he went down you can tell Duke’s offense faltered a lot and seemed lost at times. This was a key factor to Syracuse finding a way to keep it close and earn the victory.  But something overshadowed this huge win against the best team in the country. The fact that Jim Boeheim was so ramped he lost control of his body and soiled himself. Hate to see it.

I mean it’s hard to deny that it’s pee. Jim is a 74-year-old man, accidents happen. It’s understandable. But you can’t be letting this happen on a nationally televised game here Jim. Come on now… Control your bladder. The good news is that his urination will be overlooked by this huge win. Imagine losing an overtime game against a powerhouse like Duke on national television and pissing your pants. That’s probably the worst scenario you can find yourself in as a head coach. But Jim found a way and persevered and coached his team to a win. This just adds to the argument that peeing your pants is cool. Shoutout to Billy Madison.


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