If The Yankees Don’t Match The White Sox Offer To Machado We Should All Riot

Another day and another breaking development in the Manny Machado saga. I don’t even want to write about it but here we are. Machado is what’s hot in the baseball world right now and for good reason. He’s a stud, a 26-year-old stud who is just reaching his peak, just sitting out there without a serious offer. Until today. The offer from the Chicago White Sox has finally came to the surface and has been announced to the baseball world by Buster Olney:

7 years, $175 million. Short of the apparent 8 years, $250 million contract that was rumored to be out there. Are they just throwing out a lowball offer because there isn’t anything else on the table for Manny or is this as high as they’ll go? Nobody will know honestly until Machado officially signs somewhere. But I do know one thing, this offer still keeps the Yankees in play. It all depends if Hal Steinbrenner wants to loosen his pockets and write that check. Which he should.

It’s no secret that New York is Machado’s preferred destination. If I was a betting man, I would say Manny’s team leaked the contract details to let Cashman and Steinbrenner know “Hey this is what you have to match or beat and he’s yours.” It’s a negotiating tactic by Manny to get himself into pinstripes this offseason and it’s genius.

But there is definitely some cause for concern here. I don’t know if Cashman is afraid to hand out those big contracts like he did in 2009 with the likes of CC Sabathia, Mark Texeira and AJ Burnett. Or has Hal just handcuffed him? If that’s the case then Hal just cares about his bank account instead of the success of this franchise and that is alarming and worrisome. Michael Kay hit the nail on the head on his radio show with his insight:

Nail. On. The. Head. As of now this contract offer is the going rate for Machado. Close to the contract that the Yankees offered Cano when he was 31 years old. Manny is 5, FIVE, years younger. You would have him under contract until he is 33 years old. It’s not like you’re going to eat this contract when his play turns into dog shit when he nears his 40’s. You are signing him for the duration of his prime while his game is at his absolute peak. is $175 million going to get it done? Not a chance. But you work your way up from that. I can go to sleep happy knowing they offered him a 7 year, $210 million deal or something along those lines. I will be absolutely irate if they don’t even toss an offer at him and he goes to Chicago for around the same price. If you offer him $210 million and he still wants upward of $250-300 million, I can’t be mad. They made a legit offer but he was clearly in it for the money. But don’t try to act like this 7 year deal is too long when the guy is fucking 26 years old. That is just absurd to me.

Don’t get me started on the “but the infield is crowded” people. Currently, without counting the two first baseman in Bird and Voit, we have Tulo, LeMahieu, Torres, Andujar and Didi who might not even be good to play next year. If Manny and the Yankees come to terms, which I pray every night they do, guess what? Tulo you’re getting released. $550 thousand loss. Not even going to sweat that. Or if this whole Padres trade for Kluber just to flip him. Andujar is good as gone. Machado makes two of those guys expendable. As much as I love Andujar and what he can be, if you truly want to win a championship this decade Andujar is trade bait for another top starter. Cry over it.

To sum it up, I can live peacefully knowing the Yankees made a legit offer to Manny Machado and if he signs with the White Sox or even Philly for a crazy amount of money, then it’s okay. We tried, that’s all I can ask for. But, BUT if we sit in the shadows and don’t even offer anything close to this pitiful offer of 7 years, $175 million from the White Sox. I will be livid. I would probably stand outside of Yankee Stadium everyday challenging Hal Steinbrenner to a fight until he isn’t the owner of the team anymore. So I’m begging you Hal, the ball is in our court with this news breaking today, just don’t fuck it up and prove us all wrong. Please.

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