Yankees Trade Struggling Sonny Gray To Cincinnati

For months now, Sonny Gray has found himself in the midst of trade rumors. It was inevitable that his time in New York was coming to a close and he would no longer be in pinstripes come Spring Training. Today that day finally came. Sonny Gray was officially traded to the Cincinnati Reds. Thank the good Lord!

Don’t get me wrong, I wish Sonny nothing but the best in his stint with Cincy. But his Yankees tenure was ATROCIOUS! I was super excited when the Yankees traded for him in 2017. I thought he was going to be a great addition to a less than stellar lineup but I was wrong. Really, really wrong. He finished with a 15-16 record as a Yankee in the season and a half he was with the team. It was no question that he just could not pitch in Yankee Stadium. Basically could chalk it up as an automatic loss if he was on the mound for a home game. But that’s not a problem anymore as he is now a member of the Reds. I think the change of scenery will do him well and he will exceed expectations there. He will rediscover his game in Cincy, no question about it. Best of luck Sonny.

This is the final trade. It turned out to be a three team deal, the initial trade was announced but not finalized on Saturday and everyone thought the hold up was the contract extension that the Reds wanted Gray to sign. Turns out the Yankees were just looking for another trading partner. Shed Long who would have to be on the 40 man roster was dealt to the Mariners for OF prospect Josh Stowers. That move gave the Yankees an open roster spot for newly signed relief pitcher Adam Ottavino. Everybody acquired what they wanted in the end. Reds get a starter with upside in Gray along with a three-year extension and an option for a fourth year. Yankees clear up a spot on the roster for Ottavino and get a solid OF prospect with great upside and the Mariners get a highly rated 2B prospect who could see some playing time this year in the Majors.

As abysmal as Sonny Gray was in New York, he can find tremendous success in Cincinnati. His pitches have insane movement on them but that never transitioned over well during his stay in New York. If he can find his control and not let his nerves get the best of him then he could easily be a 15 game winner at the least next season. Good thing is he will no longer be a headache or a cause of anger for Yankees fans in the Bronx next season. Sonny days at the Stadium last season were nothing less than depressing and gave me chest pains. Sayanora Sonny, you won’t even slightly be missed.

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