The Yankees Are Giving Danny Farquhar A Chance And I Love It

It’s no secret that everybody loves a good redemption story and we could see one possibly unfold in the Bronx this year. If you didn’t hear about the unfortunate situation Danny Farquhar found himself in last year then let me recap it for you real quick. Farquhar started the 2017 as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays where he had a rocky first couple months of the season. Tampa designated him for assignment in June only to release him a month later. The Chicago White Sox offered him a minor league contract which he took and he saw himself back in the majors the very next month. He finished the season and stayed on with Chicago to start the 2018 season. This is where things took a scary and horrific turn.

During a game on April 20th 2018 against the Houston Astros, Farquhar came in to pitch relief in the sixth inning. In between innings Farquhar collapsed in the dugout, some witnesses said they saw him vomiting before losing consciousness. Farquhar was rushed to a nearby hospital for an evaluation and other tests. The tests revealed that Farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage caused by a ruptured brain aneurysm. Scary stuff. He remained hospitalized for  almost three weeks before being discharged. He made one appearance on the mound after his health scare and that was to throw out the ceremonial first pitch against the Milwaukee Brewers on June 1st 2018.


Pretty incredible moment. As of today, Danny Farquhar has signed a minor league deal with the Yankees. Less than a year after his health scare. I for one couldn’t be happier for him. I wish him nothing but the best and have my fingers crossed we see him make a return to the major league level at some point this season. Hats off to the Yankees for giving him the opportunity to prove himself and even more props to Danny for working his ass off and getting back to form and feeling good enough to pitch again in this league. Wishing Danny nothing but the best and would love to see him succeed as a Yankee. Here’s to him and his road to recovery!

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