Adam Ottavino Will Be The First Player In Yankees History To Wear #0

Newly signed free agent Adam Ottavino will bring his filthy array of pitches to the Yankees bullpen this season. He will also be bringing his coveted jersey number, 0. He will be the first Yankees player in the teams 117 year history to wear that jersey. It is the last single digit jersey that isn’t retired by the team as well. Last player with a single digit jersey number? Derek Jeter. And if you didn’t know that then there is zero chance you are a fan of this team.


I mean it’s safe to say that the Yankees were open to letting him keep the number 0 on the fact that they have 21 numbers retired in monument park. One thing that I’m not a huge fan of. They need to pick and choose on whose number is getting retired. At the rate we are going were going to have players wearing triple digits in 2034. Everything is looking up for Ottavino. He gets to be a Yankee which he has dreamed about. It’s a homecoming for him as he was born in Brooklyn. I mean everything up to this point has worked in favor for Ottavino, he is winning on every level this offseason. Awesome contract, playing close to home, gets to keep his jersey number. Now we just have to hope that all these small off the field wins for him transitions to wins on the diamond come April. I know I’m beyond excited for his debut and I cannot wait for April to get here already.

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