New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams Wanted For Killing Pat The Patriot

Pat The Patriot, beloved mascot of the evil empire of the NFL, New England Patriots has been killed in Orlando, Florida. Thousands of witnesses watched the murder happen with their own eyes and reacted with cheers. The killing of Pat was even recorded and distributed around the internet. The video also clearly shows the man wanted for the murder. Jamal Adams.

He even posted it to his own twitter. Not the smartest move for a man who is now wanted for murder. But all joking aside, this made me a huge Jamal Adams fan. We all know the Jets and Patriots rivalry, even though the Patriots just rail the Jets 80% of the time. I mean there you couldn’t have played this situation any better than Adams did. The fans already love him, how do you get them to love you more? Take off in a light jog after signing an autograph, line up a hit against your franchises biggest rivals mascot, launch yourself at him and completely demolish his shit in front of a sea of people. Incredible stuff by Jamal. Pretty sure that’s one of the best hits a Jets player has laid on a Patriot in nearly a decade.

The man who was in the mascot outfit actually was hospitalized after the hit, didn’t even look like he got hit that hard. Safe to say he’s a pussy. If you can’t handle a little rough housing time to hang up the mascot outfit and call it a career bud. The NFL wasn’t happy with Jamal thus proving that the NFL is really turning into the No Fun League. If I’m the NFL I would thank Jamal Adams for giving people a reason to talk about the Pro Bowl because we all know nobody watches that shit.


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