John McEnroe Jumped Over A Car Before Kobe Bryant And Gets Zero Recognition For It

Yeah.. I said it. John McEnroe, the bad boy of tennis, indeed jumped over a moving car before Kobe Bryant did to promote his new shoes. I came across this realization late last night when I got home from my second job. Yes I work two jobs. Why? Because I’m poor and need enough money to survive in this fucked up world. No further questions.

I arrived home from job number two, heated up some food and ventured over to my couch. Turned on the television and scrolled through the guide and saw Mr. Deeds just started. Big fan. This was back in the day where Adam Sandler still had the ability to make movies that didn’t make you want to eat Tide Pods until your stomach would get irritated to the point where you would start throwing up blood. So Mr. Deeds came out in 2002. I haven’t watched this movie in a good 3 years probably. Big mistake by me, Winona Ryder is mucho attractive in this and the sneaky butler makes me laugh like a school girl. We are about 30-40 minutes into this classic film where Longfellow Deeds meets John McEnroe. A pivotal moment in this movie for Deeds character and how he is portrayed by the media.

Let it be known that McEnroe was 43 years old when this movie came out. Deeds and McEnroe go out on the town, get drunker than me at Boardy Barn on Memorial Day Weekend, throw eggs at passing cars and have some laughs. The egg throwing is where my shocking revelation happened. Johnny Mac and Deeds run out into the busy NYC streets to whip some eggs at a car. We’ve all been there before. Johnny Mac remains in the street while a cab comes speeding down the very same street. Without hesitation Johnny launches himself clear over the cab, easily clears it by like 6 feet, no question about it.

John McEnroe, an absolute UNIT! 43 years old, belligerently drunk and clears a cab like no ones business.

Fast forward to 2008. Kobe Bryant comes out with a new sneaker and promotes it by jumping over a speeding Aston Martin. 6 years have gone by and Kobes video blew up yet McEnroe gets zero credit. Talk about some bullshit.. Could it be possible that Kobe stole this idea from the movie Mr. Deeds to promote his shoe? Absolutely.

McEnroe’s jump is far more impressive. He wasn’t prepared for the car. he was about ten years older than Kobe was at the time of his jump, was wearing business casual clothes while Kobe was wearing a jumpsuit. I mean I’m not saying John McEnroe is more athletic than Kobe but the facts are right in front of our faces people. McEnroe did it first and just because Kobe was in his prime and did it over an Aston Martin we forget that. Not a great look and it disgusts me.  Give the bad boy of tennis some god damn respect and give him a pat on the back for jumping over a New York City taxi because those guys are fucking maniacs behind the wheel.

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