Yikes! Ariana Grande’s New Tattoo Says “Barbeque Grill” and Not “7 Rings”

Ariana Grande. what are we doing? I can only stick up for my future ex-wife so many times. Yesterday Ariana shared an Instagram post about her new hand tattoo to commemorate her new single “7 Rings” which by the way is an absolute banger and Ariana is a god damn SMOKE in the video, as always.

screen-shot-2019-01-30-at-12.22.48-pmThis is the tattoo in question. Apparently it is a few symbols from being “7 Rings” it actually translates to BBQ grill. So time and time again I am here to defend this girl because it’s one of the reasons I was put on this world. I will always defend my future ex-wife until the day I am dead and cold. It’s my civil duty. So let’s get started.

This girl is beyond successful, you think she gives a shit if she has a misspelled tattoo in an idiotic spot on her hand? No chance whatsoever. I have never seen a palm tattoo. She’s innovative. Props to Ari. So what if this tattoo translates to barbeque grill? You show me a person who doesn’t like barbeques and I’ll show you a person who isn’t respected by their peers. barbeque food is delicious! Hot dogs, burgers, steak, chicken, ribs. You can put basically anything on a barbeque and it makes it one trillion times better. Fun fact. I have a Japanese symbol tattoo on my arm. I was young and dumb when I got it and probably have zero clue as to what it means. So I will go to war with Ariana Grande against misinterpreted Japanese tattoos and I bet all the money in her bank account we come out victors.

Ariana has come out and stated she knows it’s not what it’s supposed to be. She said she stopped halfway through because the pain was too much for her. Understandable. She probably weighs like 90 pounds so I’d assume her hands are as thin as two pieces of loose-leaf paper stapled together. Not a lot of meat to water down the pain with there. So kudos to Ariana for owning up to her tattoo blunder. It takes a strong and independent woman to do that. Some may even say….a Dangerous Woman. Puns for days. Hate on people. Ariana will come out on top as always and crush the charts as she does time and time again.

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