Kristaps Porzingis Just Became Public Enemy Number One After Today

Kristaps Porzingis.. I don’t even know where to begin on this right now. I blogged about your trade hours ago and was willing to let that be it and move on with my life being a disgruntled optimistic Knicks fan. But you couldn’t let that happen. You had to add fuel to the fire. You just had to tweet tonight, not even a farewell to New York and a thank you to the fans during your time here kinda tweet. You tweeted this:

Son. Of. A. Bitch.

The double eye emoji sealed with a god damn smirk. Fuck you Porzingis. I was willing to wish you the best in Dallas and was looking forward to you coming back to the league healthy. Now. Now I hope you amount to nothing in Dallas. I hope your skills and talent fall off a fucking cliff like the lemmings do in Alaska during their annual mass suicide ritual. You couldn’t have just gone quietly into the night and leave. You had to leave this sour taste in everybody’s mouth. Unreal.

I don’t know where Kristaps Porzingis grew these balls because it sure as hell wasn’t from boxing people out to secure rebounds. Like who does he think he is to walk into the Knicks front office with his shit head brother Janis and demand a trade because he doesn’t like where the team is right now? Hey dumbfuck, you haven’t played in over a year. You legit haven’t lasted a full season yet in this league. How about you stay focused on your health and making it through a full year before you come in here swinging your dick around like you’re Kobe Bryant or Lebron James? Not how things work over here so go take that shit back to Latvia my dude.

I hope Kristaps Porzingis fizzles out and turns into the modern day Greg Oden. My emotions went from confusion, to sadness, to irate, to happy about the return from the trade and now I am back to irate. All over a fucking GIF. It’s been a rough day but things will get better. I will berate Kristaps Porzingis until the day I am dead and cold. The second he is healthy and playing again, I will be at the first game at MSG or TD Garden to rip this Latvian assclown to shreds for pulling this shit. Until then I will enjoy the Knicks tanking away the rest of the year and I will enjoy the day when Zion Williamson dunks on Porzingis and sticks his dick on his neck while he hangs on the rim in Madison Square Garden. Let’s fucking go Knicks!!

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