Lets Breakdown The Knicks/Mavs Trade Involving Kristaps Porzingis

The last couple hours as a Knicks fan has been wild! I started writing a blog about how I despise Enes Kanter. Had to put that on pause because news broke that the Knicks unicorn, their superstar, Kristaps Porzingis ‘hinted’ at wanting to be traded by the deadline. Well fuck.. Shortly after that, reports came out that the Knicks were actively shopping KP. That latest around 15 minutes until we got demolished by a WojBomb.

The last two hours of being a Knicks fan has been BRUTAL!! My initial reaction was anger, like what the fuck are we doing here? We just tossed out our main piece like he meant nothing to us. Porzingis has all the making of being a superstar in this league and the Knicks just sent him packing within in an hour of speaking with him. Fishy.

After about 10 minutes of dissecting all of the thoughts in my dumb brain. I came to the conclusion that this might not be the worst thing in world. KP has been battling injuries ever since he came into the league. He’s more than likely not going to play this year barring some type of miraculous recovery. So you sent damaged goods with tremendous upside to Dallas alongside that fucking atrocious big contract that is tied to Tim Hardaway Jr. Big fan of that. Courtney Lee also went in the deal. Freeing up big time cap space for this team.

In return the Knicks received Dennis Smith Jr. the main piece of this trade. DSJ has the potential to be a top 10 point guard in this league. He can flat-out ball. So big fan of him coming to the Knicks. You also get DeAndre Jordan and Wesley  Matthews. Two expiring contracts. More cap space. Also a potential first round pick. Always a fan of draft picks.

So after picking apart the trade it’s not as bad as it seems. We won’t know if the Knicks made a mistake until 2020 more than likely. The Knicks with currently the worst record in the league are well on their way to a top three pick in the draft. Making the dream of Zion Williamson or RJ Barrett being a Knick reality. They know also have the money to make a strong push of acquiring both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving after this season. And possibly Anthony Davis the season after depending on whatever happens with his situation in New Orleans.

So long story short, if KP didn’t want to be here which seems to be the case then peace out Unicorn. Enjoy Dallas. I find it crazy that a guy who hasn’t played over a year is questioning the state of the team and their direction moving forward. KP shut up! Focus on getting healthy and getting back on the court before you open up your Latvian mouth.

Worst part about today is the Knicks are still stuck with that clown Enes Kanter. He has been a laughing-stock the last month ever since he couldn’t play because he ate too many cheeseburgers. Clown. Then he kisses the Knicks logo after checking into the game and immediately airballs the first shot he takes. Face fucking palm. I hate you, Enes Kanter.

But back to the trade, let’s see this play out before we shit all over this trade. If the Knicks are looking at a lineup of DSJ, Kyrie, KD, Zion and Knox next season. That’s going to be something else. So fingers crossed we did the right thing, if not we will he basement dwellers for another 15 years or until James Dolan dies. Whichever comes first. Stay strong Knicks fans.

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