I Am Officially Coming Out….

Of blogging retirement.

Bet that headline got some people’s attention. Classic clickbait headline. Don’t be mad at me for it, I just want people to take notice. I am dusting off the blogging fingers, after a 4 month hiatus from the game of blogging. I am back.

Some of you may know I was blogging heavily during baseball season last year and a lot doing winter meetings this year. It kinda got derailed with personal things going on in my life and I started a podcast with my buddy J which is called Stop The Nonsense if you haven’t already, check it out, listen, enjoy, subscribe, hate it, love it, I really don’t care what you do with it just give it a try.

But as of today the writing bug has bitten me square in the ass and the only remedy is to type my little, black, decaying heart away until this becomes something or I wither away and die from my impeding battle with alcoholism. The Yankees recaps will return, the weird ass news stories (mostly about Florida) will return, New York Rangers talk, the Knicks are trending upwards, the Giants…. well that’s one I don’t feel like discussing yet, but in the future we will get to it.

At the end of the day I am back and I promise to all the readers and podcast listeners that I will be better than ever. Lets crank this shit up and have some fun.

And cheers to whoever returns to check out my horrendous writing skills and terrible attempts at jokes. This ones for you!

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