The Yankees Blank The San Diego Fathers 7-0

After the Yankees comeback fell short yesterday, they find themselves back in the win column today. A dominating win to say the least. All hands on deck for this one, the pitching was there, the bats were alive and Gio Urshela was Gio Urshela on the diamond. A very impressive win and this one solidifies yet another series win for the Yankees. Their eighth in a row, the first time the Yankees have won eight series in a row since 1998. And if you don’t recall how the 1998 season ended for the Yankees let me remind you quickly:

yankees 98(Photo Credit: Pat Sullivan | AP Photos)

World Series Champions. Am I saying the Yankees are winning it all this year? No. I’m not so let’s not jump to conclusions please. But they earn their eighth series win against the same team they beat in the 1998 World Series, the San Diego Padres. So let’s stop dwelling in the past and recap the events that transpired during todays game.

James Paxton made his return fresh off the IL (still one of the dumbest changes in baseball, bring back the DL. Thanks.) Paxton after being out for over three weeks, came back and didn’t miss a step. Big Maple dazzled, although he only pitched 4 innings today, he absolutely destroyed the Padres. He finished the game with 7 K’s, 2 walks and didn’t allow a hit. Paxton has been an unstoppable force this year at Yankee Stadium. In 5 starts he has a stat line of 26.2 IP, an ERA of 0.34 (Holy fuck!) 37 K’s, 8 walks and 11 hits. Over those 5 starts he has only faced a total of 99 batters, so currently he is striking out 37% of the batters he faces on home turf. Sonny Gray he is not! Welcome back, Big Maple.

Before the game started I was weary about the Yankees facing the young phenom in Chris Paddack today. But the Yankees immediately made my bad thoughts vanish in the matter of seconds. The Yankees led off the bottom of the first by going back to back, shoutout to Drake. DJ Lemahieu and Luke Voit smashed two solo shots and the Yankees never bothered to look back:

Hot start for those glorious pinstripes. Gio Urshela tacked on a solo shot in the bottom of the second to extend the lead to 3-0. Paddack entered the game not allowing a single homerun to right handed batters and by the second inning he’s given up three. Life comes at you fast Chris. Gardner would make the game 4-0 in the fifth via a sac fly, the most underrated play in baseball, the sac scored LeMahieu. Maybin would score in the next inning thanks to a throwing error and the Yankees would walk away with a 5-0 lead after six innings of play.

The Yankees weren’t done scoring though. They tallied their final two runs of a bomb by Gleyber Torres. You know the guy who only “hits” homeruns against the AA team by the name of the Baltimore Orioles. Total ricochet shot at the O’s but it’s the truth. Sorry not sorry. Torres now has a total of 14 dingers and the sad part is I don’t even think we are close to seeing the peak of this kids game yet. Once again, Cashman gave up Chapman in a lost season for the Cubs best prospect and then resigned Chapman in the same offseason. Absolute fucking genius!

But there you have it, Yankees win 7-0. Paxton hasn’t lost a step, the bullpen pitched lights out for 5 innings. The Yankees bats proceed to be consistent. This could be the happiest Yankees universe has been in a very long time. I haven’t seen the constant complaining and people calling for players/coaches heads. It’s truly a rare sight nowadays. Anyways let’s keep trending upwards. continue to get healthy and on beat the balls off the Red Sox this weekend.

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