New York Yankees “Sale” To A 4-1 Victory Against The BoSox

What a fantastic way to end the month of May if you’re a New York Yankees fan. Beating your arch nemesis, the Boston Red Sox, 4-1 in front of your home crowd in the Bronx to go up 8.5 games in the AL East standings. Makes it even sweeter doing it against Boston’s ace Chris Sale who has now fallen to 1-7 on the season. Chris Sale the same guy who has been in the running as the best pitcher in the American League the last couple seasons. But we can stop talking about Chris Sale for right now and get into how tonight’s game unfolded.

The Yankees threw out fan favorite, JA Happ, to face off against anorexic Chris Sale tonight. If you think I’m serious about the fan favorite comment then you seriously need to walk to the closest exit to wherever you are and wander the streets until you find your sense of humor/sarcasm. Happ has been a shaky, horrendous version of himself compared to the guy we acquired last season. His game has been rounding into form as of late but he still hasn’t been great. Tonight looked like we were getting another shitastic filled start by Happ. He had a shaky first inning where he threw 24 pitches and then opened up the second inning by letting up a lead off moon shot to Rafael Devers.

Definitely had a bad feeling in my gut when Devers ball finally landed in the seats after falling out of orbit. Chris Sale mowed down the first three batters he faced to start the game and it seemed like we were heading for another game where Chris Sale was going to bend this lineup over a barrel and show ’em the fifty states. But luckily I was completely wrong. Devers solo blast would be the only run the Sox would muster up for the whole game and the Yankees were able to get to Sale and work his pitch count and get some very timely hits against him.


The Yankees plated some runs against Sale in the third inning. It started with a lead off single for Gio Urshela and then Gardner added a single of his own later on in the inning with one out. Enter, the best DJ in Yankees history, DJ Lemahieu.(If you think I’m serious about that comment, get a clue…please.) Lemahieu got a hold of a slider on the outside part of the plate and drove it to deep right center and when I say deep, I mean another two and half feet and it’s a three run homerun. But the deep drive would result in a double for DJ, scoring Urshela and moving Gardner to third. This is our opportunity for the Yankees to bury Sale and not look back. Two runners in scoring position and only one out. I like our odds.

Luke Voit steps up to the plate next. Let me say this. He was HORRENDOUS at the plate tonight. I am huge Voit guy but he was so off at the plate tonight it was concerning. He struck out three times tonight and finished the game going 0-4. Definitely a night to forgot for the most muscular guy in the Yankees lineup. But not to worry! The Yankees didn’t blow their chance with runners in scoring position. Aaron Hicks had a tremendous at bat. Falling behind 0-2, he worked the count full and fouled off a pitch before delivering a single into left field which scored both Gardner and Lemahieu putting the Yankees up 3-1. This timely base hit could be considered the dagger because the Yankees never looked back from here.

The Yankees would tack on one final run and that came off the bat by DJ Lemahieu. Arguably the best hitter in the Yankees lineup throughout the first two months of the season. What an outstanding signing by Brian Cashman. Lemahieu took a fastball deep, almost to the exact spot where he hit the RBI double in the third but this time around he got all of it. DJ gets his 6th homer of the year against the mortal Chris Sale and puts the Yanks up 4-1 which would hold on to be the final score of this Friday night game.

A few other things from this game I want to touch on. The Yankees bullpen pitched outstanding tonight. 4 scoreless innings by Ottavino, Kahnle, Britton and finally Chapman slammed the door right in those dirty Massholes faces to seal the win.

Chris Sale showed signs he’s finally rounding into form for Boston tonight, all jokes aside, he torched this lineup. Guy had 10 strikeouts. That’s no joke. He may be 1-7 but I’m sure he’ll bounce back and be a stud for the BoSox for the rest of this season.

Also, final thing I want to talk about because it was absolutely ridiculous. In the top of the fifth inning. Sanchez threw down to second and picked off Eduardo Nunez. Like to dead rights. Gunned him the fuck out.

And there were people who wanted to ship Gary off into the sunset after his down year last season…. Idiots.


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