The Real Reason Why Last Nights Yankees/Red Sox Game Got Postponed

So if you weren’t aware last nights Yankees-Red Sox game was postponed and rescheduled for August 3rd. Some may say it was because of inclement weather, heavy rain was in the forecast in the Bronx last night and many believe there was a zero percent chance they could get the game in last night. But I think we are all missing the blatant truth that is going on here… the MLB just feels bad for the Red Sox and wanted to give them a day off from getting their shit pushed so far back into their asses that it would start spewing out of their mouths.

I mean the defending World Series champions, the Boston Red Sox, have been suffering from a championship hangover two months into the season.  They are currently sitting third in the AL East standings, 7 games behind the second  place Tampa Bay Rays, yikes. And they are sitting 7.5 games behind the first place New York Yankees. You know that team that currently has 14 guys on the injured list while Boston is fielding a fully healthy roster.


But we won’t mention that. We also don’t have to mention how the Red Sox blew a lead on Wednesday night against the Cleveland Indians. A game where they entered the 9th inning up 5-2, mathematically having a 99.4% chance of winning the game. They had less than a one percent chance of losing but god damn it they found a way. A massive meltdown. Almost makes you think they might throw an open checkbook at the unemployed Craig Kimbrel sometime soon. The Red Sox bullpen is the equivalent of that video of all those portapottys getting swept up in a mini tornado at a fair, spewing shit and piss over everyone in the surrounding area.


A literal shit tornado.

We don’t have to mention that the very next day that the Indians almost scored in every single inning against the Red Sox, we also don’t have to mention that Chris Sale, the Red Sox ace, only has one win and we are only one day away from being in the month of June. We really don’t need to talk about that at all people.

Nonetheless, this weekend series against Boston is crucial. The Yankees can take a stranglehold over the struggling Red Sox and gain some serious momentum. I know I seem cocky for it only being May 31st but when you’ve fielded a AAA team for close to a month and you’re still holding on to one of the best record I think you’re allowed to be. Pretty sure that’s like an unwritten rule. No rain in the forecast tonight so we shall see what’s in store for the baseball rivalry all of us love and look forward to every season. Fuck Boston and lets go Yankees!

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