Didi Gregorius Could Rejoin Yankees Next Week Against The Cleveland Indians

Sir Didi Gregorius may make his season debut as early as next week in the series against the Indians according to manager Aaron Boone. Didi Gregorius, who has been out of commission since the conclusion of the 2018 season, has been playing in rehab games over the past week. He has played in games for the Yankees AAA affiliate, the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Railriders and has looked decent to say the least. Most importantly his body is handling the workload perfectly fine which is a very good sign.

A couple red flags are up and waving around though.

One. Is Didi really ready to be inserted right back into the lineup? I mean I love the guy but he’s only managed to get one hit in his AAA rehab stint. That one hit came not even two hours ago, Didi hit a RBI single to center thus making him a total of 1 for 12 this week. That’s nothing to ride home about. I know he’s still scheduled to play the rest of the weekend down there, so maybe his single from today sparked his bat a bit.

Another concern for me is if Didi is rushing back too soon? I’m all for having Didi back. It makes this team so much better. Whether its on the field or at the plate, thrusting Didi back into the fold of things is a huge positive for the Yankees. I just don’t want to see him reinjuring himself or overdoing it. I know.. I’m probably worrying too much. But when it comes to the Yankees I feel like a single mother and this team is my only child and I have to do whatever I can to keep my baby safe. But I fully trust Didi if he says he’s good, he’s more than likely good. I also don’t think our medical staff would rush him back either considering he is a solid piece for this franchise if they won’t to succeed in October.

One thing Didi didn’t lose touch of was his stellar play on the defensive side of the ball. He’s still as sharp and smooth as he’s ever been. Hands down he’s one of the nicest looking shortstops defensively that I have seen in quite some time. Beyond consistent and you can always lean on him to make a big play if you need it. I mean look at this stud:

Like he never even left! So what happens when he comes back next week, who moves around? If I had it my way our infield would be as followed:

3B: Gio Urshela
SS: Didi Gregorius
2B: Gleyber Torres
1B: DJ Lemahieu
C: Gary Sanchez
DH: Luke Voit

That simple. DJ is leagues above Voit when it comes to fielding a baseball. You can’t take Voits bat out of the lineup, if you did that.. you’d be stupid. Hate to be blunt but it is what it is. But wait! What about Kendrys Morales? You know the guy who hasn’t done much of anything besides hit homerun. I mean it was an absolute fucking missile into the upper deck but we can just take Morales and shoot him into the sun or use him as a bat off the bench. I prefer the sun because I’m not the hugest Morales fan. That’s just me though.

So the reinforcements are arriving my fellow Yankees fans. We had an unbelievable month of May going 20-7, we are sitting on top of the AL East with a team who has been beyond decimated with injuries but are boys are getting healthy. Didi is the first man making his comeback, next up Judge, hopefully Stanton and maybe even Severino. I would include Dellin Betances but I seriously have zero idea what his timeline is and that’s very concerning but enough of that.

Let’s cue up those post game emoji tweets from our beloved shortstop and have some fucking fun!


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