I Don’t Care What You Think But The Yankees Seriously Need Dallas Keuchel

At exactly 12:01 AM tonight the bidding war will begin for multiple players. Craig Kimbrel is one of those guys, the other, Dallas Keuchel. Obviously the New York Yankees aren’t looking at Kimbrel because of their already overloaded bullpen with guys like Ottavino, Kahnle, Britton, Chapman, Green and not to mention Betances who hasn’t even pitched yet this year. The guy they do have their eyes on apparently is the lefty Dallas Keuchel.

Yes. The two time All-Star Dallas Keuchel, the 2017 World Series champion Dallas Keuchel, the 2015 AL Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel. That’s the guy I want and that is in fact the guy that the Yankees need for this rotations.

“BuT iF He’S sO gOoD WhY iSn’t He SiGnEd YeT!?!”

1pf0t1Draft pick compensation people.

If the Yankees or any other team in the MLB were to sign Keuchel, they would give up a significant draft pick and also have to pay hefty price tag on top of whatever money Keuchel is looking for contract wise. But at midnight tonight all of that goes away and it’s business as usual.

Why do the Yankees need Keuchel?

Currently our rotation isn’t anything to write home about. I know we have James Paxton who has been amazing. We have Domingo German who has played well above his expectations. Masahiro Tanaka has been good. JA Happ has been iffy. CC Sabathia hot off the IL tonight wasn’t anything to get an erection over. We have zero idea if we’ll ever see Luis Severino this season. The Yankees need a starter, a starter who can eat up innings, a guy who knows how to pitch against the top teams in the American League such as Boston and Houston. Who would be better than Dallas Keuchel? The guy who helped the Astros win a World Series, you know damn well he knows every single weakness that Houston lineup has. That’s the guy I want and that’s the guy this team needs.

ESPN flashed a graphic during Sunday Night Baseball tonight about possible pitchers the Yankees can trade for. Madison Bumgarner, nope. Marcus Stroman, definitely interested in that but I can only imagine the return they would be asking for. Mike Minor, I rather eat hot steaming dog shit. Max Scherzer’s name has been tossed around, I’d give my first born child up for that guy but I don’t see him moving.

I’ve seen Dallas Keuchel pitch once in person. It was the Yankees home opener against the Astros back in 2016. He went 7 strong, giving up only 3 hits, he was a little erratic later in the game and ended up with 4 walks in total but he had 5 K’s and only let up 2 runs on his way to his first win of the year. He dominated the lineup for majority of the game and had the Yankees and the fans fed up. So fed up that a 70 year old man that was two sections over from where I was sitting yelled at the top of his lungs “Dallas Keuchel I hate everything about you!”

I want that. A guy who can get people so fed up they lose their minds in their seats halfway through a baseball game. Is he going to be the same pitcher from 4 years ago? No, he isn’t but this guy has a lot left in the tank and I bet he wants to prove that to a lot of people in the process. Only thing that might take some time getting used to is not being able to see that glorious beard on the mound at Yankee Stadium.

New York Yankees v Houston Astros

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