Flyers Beat Writer With An Absolute Garbage Take Regarding Kevin Hayes/Alain Vigneault

News broke earlier tonight that the Philadelphia Flyers worked out a trade with the Winnipeg Jets to acquire F Kevin Hayes in exchange for a 5th round pick in this years draft which is in two and a half weeks.

Pretty crazy and something that came way out of left field tonight. More or less the trade is for the rights on Kevin Hayes who is set to be a free agent this summer. Just gives the Flyers hope of signing him before he hits the open market. Essentially it’s nothing but a head start. In my honest opinion the Flyers are going to need more than a head to start Kevin Hayes. Why? Because Alain Vigneault is their head coach.

Rangers fans remember AV right? The smug douchebag who just obnoxiously chewed gum and had no idea how to put good lines together. The guy who would stick young players in the doghouse stunting their development at the NHL level. One of those often in Alain’s doghouse of horrors on a weekly basis was none other than Kevin Hayes. But some Flyers fans can’t hide the fact that they are nothing but homers when it comes to their team. They are praising the AV hire and then we have people like this guy who praises AV for turning Hayes into the player he is today:

I never heard of Sam Carchidi before tonight but I need to ask people in Philadelphia, is this guy an absolute moron? You are really going to sit here and say Hayes blossomed under Vigneault. What planet are you on Sammy? Because it is 100% not earth. I’ll tell you that much. Here are Hayes’ numbers in the AV era with the Rangers:

2014-2015: 17 Goals. 28 Assists. 45 Total Points.
2015-2016: 14 Goals. 22 Assists. 36 Total Points.
2016-2017: 17 Goals. 32 Assists. 49 Total Points.
2017-2018: 25 Goals. 19 Assists. 44 Total Points.

As you can see ever since Kevin entered the league he has consistently put up roughly the same numbers every season. No growth whatsoever. But one year sticks out. The 2017-2018 season, which Carchidi points out in a follow up tweet.

Yes he had a career high with AV. You know why Sam? It’s the only coach he’s played a full season with in the NHL you clown shoe dummy. He put up 25 last year because that Rangers team was an absolute dumpster fire. It was a god damn mess. Unbearable at times. We punted the second half of the season especially after the infamous Jeff Gorton rebuild letter to fans. If anything his game looked significantly better with David Quinn for the half season they were together before the injury and the eventual trade to Winnipeg.

I find it shocking this man has a job as a beat writer. Makes me feel like I can do anything if this man has the Twitter blue check mark seal of approval next to his name with the nonsense he’s spewing tonight. The fact Sam is crediting AV, who so many Rangers were relieved when he was fired, is just so asinine to me. I am willing to bet my life Hayes won’t sign in Philly solely based off the fact that he is the coach there. AV will run his course just like he did in Vancouver, just like he did in New York and soon it will happen in Philadelphia. It’s going to be amazing to watch and even better when we get the Pavel Buchnevich “fuck you” game against AV sometime this winter.

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