Let’s Talk About Clint Frazier For A Quick Second

So I know I already touched on this in my blog last night following the game. But this whole Clint Frazier defensive meltdown has been festering in my brain all god damn day. If you have zero idea what I’m talking about then you’re obviously not a Yankees fan or even a sports fan at this point. It’s been the topic of conversation since the Yankees made the final out in their 8-5 loss to Boston last night in the Bronx.

Clint Frazier, Red Thunder, the guy with the nicest cleats in the game had an unforgivably horrendous 7th inning out in right field last night. So bad, that I would rip out my healthy oblique and hand deliver it to Aaron Judge so he can come back. And I’m going to correct myself not only was it the 7th inning, it was also the 8th inning he had a horrible sequence in right field. 3 unbelievably bad errors in two inning. 3 errors that resulted in 3 runs. 3 runs is the total the Boston Red Sox won by in last nights game. Here they are… cue the Benny Hill music to lighten the mood:

It literally makes me want to pour a gallon of Fresh Meadow Clorox bleach into my eye sockets. Unbelievably bad defense that undoubtedly lost the Yankees the game.

To make matters worse, this is the part I didn’t talk about last night, he declined to speak to the media. The Yankees PR team literally said “Clint isn’t talking tonight.”

What in the fuck. There’s nothing worse in the eyes of New York sports media or even New York sports fan than not stepping up and owning up to your inexcusable shitty performance in a game.

Refusing to talk to the media.. it’s not great Clint. If you want to excel on this team and in this market you have to hold yourself accountable. Considering this is your first really horrendous game all around, it’s not a good look. I bet if they had questions about his customized cleats that ESPN reference about a billion times last night he would probably field some questions. But no.

Do I think Clint can rebound from this? 10000% I do. It’s not like this is his first game having terrible blunders in the field. His bat masked those blunders in the past but now that his bat is colder than Mr. Freeze’s ice dick he’s getting absolutely murdered and dragged through the dirt.

Does he deserve to be dragged? Yes. But fans are acting like he killed their family in front of them. Lets take a step back. He’s 24. He doesn’t even have 100 games in at the major league level. He’s been battling injury after injury for three years. If you don’t think he is putting in the work to be the best player you’re a crazy person.

He’s out there taking lessons from Judge during home games. He’s making the effort. Let’s take a breath and relax people. This team is one of the best teams in baseball at the moment. Last night was one loss, mostly on the shoulders of Clint. But his defensive game will round into form and I really truly hope that it’s here in New York and we don’t ship him off for an over the hill pitcher.

*cough cough* Madison Bumgarner *cough*


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