Stop The Nonsense: #18 – “I’m With Stupid” A Yankee Fans Story (All Links Included)

Today, we dropped our first episode of Stop The Nonsense in two weeks. We will be back to our regular schedule this upcoming Tuesday and will have weekly episodes going forward pending any catastrophic personal issues. Anyways, here’s a summary of todays episode:

We’re back! After a two week hiatus, Stop The Nonsense has returned with episode 18. This week we talk about the current state of the Yankees and their fans, the Mets being a disaster, NBA playoffs and the St. Louis Blues being on the brink of winning the Stanley Cup. Plus much more!

Listen on Spotify or iTunes. Be sure to follow, subscribe, rate and even leave a view. All feedback is good feedback. We aren’t bitches. We can take it. Links below for the episode and as always thanks again for tuning in and checking us out. Most importantly thank you for helping us try to Stop The Nonsense.



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