Yankees Drop Yet Another Game, Lose to Indians 8-4

If you were asked to sum up this game as quickly as possible, I think this video would probably be your safest bet:

Thanks for giving us something to laugh about Brett while we sat back and suffered another Yankees loss. The fifth loss in the last six games the Yankees have played. Yet another series lost for this team who went from winning nine consecutive series to now losing two series in a row. We went from having a great month of May to now having a shit filled start to June. Not great. Not happy. But I’m not going to panic. Not yet.

Yankees rolled out CC Sabathia today to start the game. No, roll out was not meant to be a fat joke. It was your typical CC Sabathia outing today. He went his usual 5 innings, gave up some runs, 4 to be exact, got some strikeouts (5) and threw 69 pitches. Rob Gronkowski would approve of that number.

Offensively, the Yankees struggled. Can’t really be more blunt than that. Adam Plutko, who I have never ever heard of before in my entire life, flat out shutdown the Yankees bats. He ended up picking up the win this afternoon with a solid stat line of: 6 IP, 4 K’s, no walks and only gave up two runs. Those two runs came in the very first inning of the game. After a one out single by DJ LeMahieu, the most consistent Yankee so far this season, Didi Gregorius in only his second game back took a first pitch curveball and jacked it to right field for his first homerun of the season.

That swing is such a breath of fresh air. It’s beyond nice having Didi back, great clubhouse guy, unreal fielder and his bat has become eons better than it was back in the desert of Arizona. He’s been incredible in his first two games back this year, it’s almost like he didn’t miss any time at all. As the Yankees twitter put it, it is truly great to have you back Sir.

The Yankees would have the lead in the game, 2-0, up until the 4th inning. Indians end up tying the game and then took the lead the very next inning and just never looked back.

Just not a great time out here in Cleveland. The following inning after that homerun, the Yankees optioned to go with Jonathan Holder. The guy who has been a walking train wreck for basically this entire season so far. I have zero idea why Aaron Boone continues to go to Holder when the game is still in reach. 4-2. Not like it’s 14-2 and we have zero shot. I just don’t get it and it infuriates me beyond belief. So what did Holder accomplish in his one inning of work? A two run homer to Roberto Perez to make the game 6-2 and the two batters after that he let up…. guess what he let up? Please. Another homerun. To former Mets great Kevin Plawecki. Kevin Fucking Plawecki. 7-2. Basically checkmate at this point.

The Yankees were able to muster up two more runs in the seventh inning. Didi Gregorius almost killed Oliver Perez on a comebacker and due to errant throw Didi was able to make it to second base. This was followed up by a double into the gap by Gleyber Torres. He’s good. The double allowed Didi to come around score. 7-3. Kendrys Morales, fat piece of shit he is, grounded out but that advanced Gleyber to third. Clint Frazier would work a walk and Gio Urshela, who always seems to have a productive at bat whether it’s a base hit or an out, followed the walk with a sac fly that scored Torres. 7-4. And that’s as close as the Yankees would come today to sniffing the lead again.

Indians tacked on one more run in the bottom of the eighth inning. A sac fly off the bat of Plawecki that scored Jose Ramirez. 8-4 Indians and that would be your final for this game in Cleveland. Just another gross game. Bats were dead. Holder was an absolute bum. CC was CC. I just don’t know this team needs a pick me up and quick. Hopefully the rebound tomorrow and avoid the sweep. We’ll just have to wait and see.

One more final thing before I wrap this up. I want a legit reason as to why we gave BOTH Gary Sanchez and Luke Voit the day off. No issue with LeMahieu playing first today. He looked great. No issue with Romine getting some time behind the plate either. The issue I do have is that Kendrys Morales was rewarded the DH spot. Fucking why? My distain for Morales is growing more and more each day, It is inexcusable that this guy is taking up a roster spot to ground out every game. Fat fucking asshole he is. No reason that Sanchez or Voit couldn’t be slotted in as the DH today. Either one of their bats in the lineup infinitely increases the Yankees chances of winning over having Morales in. I just don’t understand it. The Holder/Morales obsession with the coaches on this team is disgusting and needs to end. Now.



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