I Want Max Scherzer In Yankees Pinstripes By Any Means Necessary

There… I said it. I want Max Scherzer in Pinstripes by the trade deadline. I don’t know how it’s going to happen or if it’s even going to be a possibility but the Yankees should just throw everything they have at the Washington Nationals to make this deal come to fruition. Scherzer may be 34 years old but I don’t give a shit. And yes I am the guy who complained about the Yankees being interested in Madison Bumgarner and said multiple times he’s too old. But the difference between Mad Bum and Mad Max is one is still a very good pitcher and the other one cries wolf when they let up homeruns into the San Fransisco bay.

Scherzer is currently holding a 6-5 record for an underperforming Nationals team. He has an ERA of 2.62 and currently leads the National League in strikeouts with 146. Pretty fucking dominant if you ask me. Better than that bum, over the hill, Madison Bumgarner.

The huge issue involving a potential Scherzer deal is that the Nationals are going to want the deed to Yankee stadium. Might be worth the possible reward, just saying. Scherzer is still under control with his current contract til 2022. 3 seasons of a guy who hasn’t lost his touch yet and has the potential to dominate almost every start. So where do the trade discussions start?

It’s pretty apparent that the Yankees are positioning themselves on moving on with prospect OF Clint Frazier. Florial has been deemed “untouchable” but who knows how much truth there is behind that. I would honestly give up both to get Max. With the outfield of Judge, Stanton and Hicks, where and when will Florial even have the chance to get playing time. He’ll find himself in the same situation that Frazier has found himself in for the last two seasons.

Odds are this trade is never ever going to happen or even be discussed but if the Yankees want to go all in on a championship, this is their shot. Scherzer is the type of talent the Yankees haven’t had in their rotation for close to a decade. It’s no surprise that the Yankees need another starter in this rotation and with Severino still on the shelf with no exact date of return, Max would be the guy to take the reigns and lead this team to the promise land.

Scherzer might be a psychopath but he’s a winner. The guy broke his nose a couple days ago practicing bunts, came out yesterday in the 2nd game of a doubleheader against the Phillies and destroyed them. Guy looked like he went 6 round Mike Tyson then another 6 rounds against Muhammad Ali. Still threw 7 shutout innings with 10K’s and only gave up 4 hits. STUD!

If it’s on the table come the trade deadline, say yes to Mad Max and fuck no to Mad Bum. Lets go Yankees!

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