2020: The Year Of The Blog

Hello everyone. First off, happy New Year, hope everyone reading this had a great holiday season with their family and their loved ones. Mine was very low key and honestly I enjoyed that. But let’s get into the main reason we are all here today. As of this moment, January 2nd 2020 at 2:52 PM on the East Coast, I am announcing that this is the year of the blog.

“But wait…. you’ve blogged before?”

”You usually blog for two months out of the year consistently then you fizzle out and fell into a vat of irrelevance.”

Yeah. I am fully aware of all that. Trust me. I hate myself for it. Writing about sports and other things that catch my interest is something I enjoy. I enjoy it a lot actually. It calms me, almost as if it’s like a drug. The problem is I quit my “drug” and go cold turkey constantly. Not this year. I’m determined.

The main reasons I have fizzled out in the past is because I work two jobs, rounding out to about 70 hours a week. Not a valid excuse. On top of my two jobs, I’m in a relationship with a girl I love more than anything, so I have to juggle my relationship on top of my hectic work schedule. Also not a valid excuse. If something like writing/blogging makes me happy I have to find time for it. If that means sleeping 3 hours a night to get a blog up, I’m okay with that. It just means I’ll cut down on the Fortnite at night and focus more at sitting down at my laptop and pounding my keyboard until my fingertips hurt. It’s just something I personally feel like I need to do.

So if you’re an avid reader, which I doubt many people are, this is just a small time blog that rarely exists throughout the year, we have somethings to look forward to.

The New York Rangers have Artemi Panarin and it’s incredible to watch that kind of talent on the ice almost every other night. Especially when that player has on the jersey of your favorite team.

The New York Yankees fell short to those cheating fuck, the Houston Astros, again in the ALCS but in the offseason have already scooped up the coveted free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole. 2020 is going to be an amazing season for the New York Yankees and I’ll be here to talk about that from spring training up until the World Series parade. Number 28 is in our crosshairs.

The Giants have a promising new guy under center in Daniel Jones and also still have that stud Saquon Barkley in the backfield. Shurmur got canned a couple days ago and their our some interesting names being tossed around as the next man up for the head coaching position for next season. Matt Rhule and Josh McDaniels are the top two on my radar personally.

The New York Knicks fired David Fizdale a couple weeks ago and have won more games in that time period than they won under Fizdale all year. Fizdale was clearly not the guy. Hand up…. I thought he was. I was wrong and if I had a dunce cap I would wear it for the next month in shame.

A lot of topics and it’s only the second day of this new year. I’m coming back in a big way and I’m beyond excited for that.


One thing I have been consistent on last year is recording my podcast with my co-host and good friend, Jonathan Picarello. Stop The Nonsense has been existence for almost a full calendar year now and we are closing in on 50 episodes. Pretty fun stuff and it’s something I enjoy doing a lot and I’m going to shamelessly plug it right now. Links for the podcast will be listed below:


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