Adam Sandler’s Twitter Got Hacked Tonight And Things Got Interesting

It feels like this happens a lot more often as the years go by, celebrities getting their social medias hacked, pictures leaked or maybe tweeting out something they didn’t mean. I’m looking at you Jim Irsay… you drunk bastard. Tonight, the Sandman, Adam Sandler became the latest victim of hackers.

Around 8 pm, Sandler’s twitter began tweeting out some wild things. As of late his Twitter feeds has mostly been promotional tweets about his new movie Uncut Gems, which was phenomenal by the way. He’s getting Oscar buzz and it’s well deserved. But back to the hacking.  It appears a group of hackers got hold of Adam Sandler’s twitter password and went to town. They had a bunch of racist tweets going up all over the place, a bunch of weird pictures of kids who looked like they haven’t hit puberty yet and yell at their moms when there is no Gogurt left in the fridge after school and shouting out random twitter accounts.

I mean clearly the hackers are a bunch of nerdy kids that can’t stand sunlight. Blinds closed shut as much as possible, no lights on in their rooms, empty cans of Mountain Dew piled up in the corner with a couple of semen filled tube socks mixed in. And what they did wasn’t even that funny. It was just dumb. You could have really entertained the masses and you acted like children, which you are. I don’t know.. you have that platform for basically an hour or two. Do something funny or cool. Dunk a basketball or some shit like that. Instead you gave us this:




There was more than this but these are the few that stood out to me. My personal favorite is the “I just had phone sex with Mariah Carey”

That’s the kind of content we need during your hacking spree. Not dropping the N bomb or retweeting one of your buddies tweets from last month. Tweet some funny shit like I had phone sex Mariah Carey. I can just picture Adam Sandler talking dirty to that diva Mariah in the voice of Canteen Boy. I mean it writes itself at that point.