Yoenis Cespedes Versus A Wild Boar

I mean the headline doesn’t get anymore Mets than this. As we all know, a story about Cespedes breaking his ankle on his ranch back in May 2019 was a huge story in baseball in the beginning of the season. Early reports were that Yoenis stepped into a hole causing him to fracture his right ankle. This injury coming right after his shortened 2018 season where he only played 38 games before undergoing surgery on both of his heels.

Turns out that their was more to Cespedes just stepping in a hole. Earlier this week the news broke that it was true that Yoenis snapped his ankle in a hole at his ranch but the reason behind wasn’t just bad luck. Apparently… a wild boar was released from a trap that was placed on the ranch and it charged at Yoenis. Clearly Cespedes can’t pursue a second career in being a matador because the boar charging him literally scared the shit out of him. Startled and not knowing where to go, Yoenis tried to pull out a Lamar Jackson-esque juke move on the boar and found himself ankle deep in a hole. Snap, crackle, pop. Your season is over.


It’s no secret that this contract the Mets gave Cespedes was a gigantic fucking mistake. The guy was looking for his huge payday and the Mets finally opened up their wallets which they have been reluctant to do in the past and gave him a deal. 4 years 116 million. He signed that contract in 2016. We just entered 2020 and since he signed that contract Cespedes has only played in 119 games. Fucking robbery. At least Mets fans got to see this man ride into spring training on a horse. Hope it was worth that 116 million.

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