It’s Official, Joe Judge Is The New Head Coach Of The New York Football Giants

The search is over. After I spent this morning ridiculing the Giants about letting multiple coaches slip past them in a blog , the Giants have found their new head coach, Joe Judge.

The news literally broke 9 minutes after I published my blog when I was irate that the Giants didn’t even make the effort on Rhule. Which after seeing his ridiculous contract, I’m kinda happy. 7 years, $60 million and with incentives that could go up to $70 million. Yikes. Steep price for a first time NFL coach.

So let’s talk about Joe Judge. Judge was in the Patriots organization for the past 7 years. He spent majority of his tenure under special teams, he was an assistant from 2012-2014 before taking over as the special teams coordinator from 2015-2019. While he was the ST coordinator, the Pats ST never dipped below the top ten in the league. He also served as the Patriots wide receivers coach last season as well.

Ever since the news of the hire broke, there has been quite a few quotes from former coaches and coworkers about what kind of guy Joe Judge is. Smart, quick thinking, an excellent teacher, he could probably coach any position on the field. Those are all remarks from the man who he has been working with since he’s entered the NFL, Bill Belichick. High praise from arguably the best head coach in NFL history. Is this just Bill gassing up his colleagues or is this 100% facts? Time will tell.

Before his time in the NFL, Joe Judge worked with another great head coach but this time at the college level, Nick Saban. He spent his tenure with Alabama being the special teams assistant from 2009-2011 before heading to the Patriots. Alabama won 2 national titles out of those three years he spent there.

And no I’m not saying he’s the sole reason for those titles but he knows what it takes to win and how things operate behind the scenes. He’s been around winners for over a decade whether it was Belichick or Saban. Will it play a factor during his tenure with the Giants? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Obviously there are a lot of immediate reactions about this hire, a lot of them negative. I wasn’t entirely thrilled when the news broke but I’m willing to give anybody a fair shot. We have to see the team that is brought in to surround Judge. Strong possibility we could see Jason Garrett as an offensive coordinator. Which I’m not against, just didn’t want that chronic clapper as my head coach. All I know is I’m not going to overreact. I’m going to keep a clear head and remain optimistic until I see the kind of team that steps foot on the field come September.

Go Big Blue!

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