The New York Giants Are Shooting Themselves In The Foot In Search Of Their Next Head Coach

I mean could the Giants search for their next head coach be going any worse than it is now? We can’t even get coaches to take an interview with us. Speaks a lot for the way this franchise is viewed in the eyes of the league. It’s disgusting and we have one man to thank for that. Actually two men, Dave Gettleman and John Mara. Fucking clown boy #1 and #2. Fuck you.

Last week the Giants missed out on Ron Rivera. Didn’t even want to interview with us. Instead he goes to a team in our division. The Washington Redskins. He’ll be in charge of grooming and creating an offense to make sure Dwayne Haskins excels. Rivera wasn’t my first on my list for the new head coach but with the options out there now, he wouldn’t have been a bad consolation prize.
Next man up, Mike McCarthy. He agreed to be the next head coach of “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys. We interviewed him, he turned down a second interview with us, had a sleepover with that reptilian Jerry Jones and the rest is history. I don’t know what kind of Michael Jackson-esque activities happened over at Jerry’s house but McCarthy was all in afterwards. I wanted no part of McCarthy so I’m really not mad about it. He can be the puppet for Jerry Jones’ franchise for the next 5 years while they remain in mediocrity. I’m cool with that.

And now we come to the icing on the cake. Not even an hour ago, the Carolina Panthers came to terms with Matt Rhule to be their next head coach. Apparently the Giants top guy in their search for a new HC. Number one on my list of head coaching candidates. Well…. we didn’t even get a chance to interview him. Carolina persuaded him before he can even get on a plane to New York. This organization dropped the ball harder than Dez fucking Bryant. I don’t know what kind of snobby shit upper management was thinking about having Matt Rhule coming to New York to meet them. If that’s your guy, you go and get him. Carolina went to Waco, Texas the second Rhule got back from vacation. They went the extra mile and they got their guy while we sat on our hands waiting for Tuesday to come. Unbelievable.

So where do we go from here? Josh McDaniels? Is he finally going to leave New England and give head coaching another shot? Or is he going to wait for Bill to leave and take over in New England? Right now, they only guy I want for the job is Wink Martindale, defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens. He’s the guy with Rhule off the board. That’s it. You do whatever you can to get him or we are fucked twice over.

And one side note before I wrap this thing up. If the Giants go out and do what I truly think they are going to do and sign Jason Garrett….. I’m going to lose my mind. I don’t need that muppet coaching my team. I don’t care about his overall record as a coach. He is not the guy for this job. End of story. If they go this route you might as well just kept Pat Shurmur and then cleared house after next season by canning Shurmer and Gettleman.

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