Joe Judge Has Me Convinced That He Is The New York Giants Savior

Joe Judge, newly hired head coach of the New York Giants just wrapped up his introductory presser at MetLife Stadium and let me tell you, I’m not a player and he has me ready to run through a cement wall. He absolutely crushed it.

Now I know it’s just words and words don’t always translate to play out on the field. But for a first impression, Judge couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any better. He said all the right things, showed he can handle the New York media and he didn’t show up wearing an oversized suit like that doofus Ben McAdoo

Chills. He sounds like a guy who has a plan intact and is willing to do everything in his power to make the Giants a contender again. Tons of quotes out of this presser just make you sit there and nod your head in approval. Joe Judge is our guy. It’s as clear as that.

He even showed he has a little bit of Belichick in him as he replied to one question. A media member asked Judge a question about the final game with the Patriots, the wild card game against the Titans. He responded with “ I don’t know, that’s a question for the guys up in New England. I work for the Giants.” Bravo Joe. Bravo!

The Giants have found their guy to return them to their winning ways. It’s been a tough couple of years after the Coughlin era ended. But I firmly believe good days are on the horizon. Joe Judge has a winners mentality and now all he needs is for his players to buy into it as well.

Now we just have to sit around and see the team of coaches he’s going to surround himself with. We already have reports that the Giants special teams coach is staying put but the book is still wide open on both offensive and defensive coordinators. But one thing for sure is that Joe Judge will command the room. He made that very clear.

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