It’s Time To Address The Elephant In The Room For The New York Rangers: Lindy Ruff

It’s no secret that defensively, the New York Rangers are one of the worst teams in the NHL. They miss assignments, can go on spurts of giving up close to 50 shots a game for multiple games in a row. They are just all around bad on defense and I necessarily don’t think it’s the players. I think it’s more of a coaching problem. Lindy Ruff, this issue is all on you guy.

Lindy Ruff has been an assistant coach for the Rangers since 2017. I honestly have no idea how he has a job still, it boggles my mind. To put it in perspective the Rangers SCA ( Scoring Chances Against) while at even strength is 1842 this season. The league average is 1632. The Rangers are +210 in the category which is horrendous. The Rangers are also letting up an average of 35 shots per game thus far this season and that all falls into the lap of Lindy Ruff.

I mean the amount of breakaways due to bad defensive turnovers and the amount of uncontested cross creases passes I’ve seen this season are outrageous. You can look at last nights 5-2 loss to the St. Louis Blues as immediate proof of that. Robert Bortuzzo scored the first goal of the game for the Blues last night. That goal was created due to Tony DeAngelo not covering Bortuzzo streaking out of the penalty box after serving a double minor. Bortuzzo literally waltzed into the zone with DeAngelo steps behind him and beat Hank clean. Horrible.

It’s things like that constantly. Whether it’s the Rangers triple teaming the puck carrier and leaving a man open skating that is skating into the slot:

It all falls on Lindy Ruff. It’s inexcusable that this Rangers team gave up nearly 50 shots to a depleted New Jersey Devils team Thursday night. I mean no Hughes, no Hischier and PK Subban is playing worse than Marc Staal currently. To give up 50 shots to a team that doesn’t have Taylor Hall on their roster is a huge problem. If it wasn’t for Shesterkin standing on his head, the Rangers probably get booed off the ice at MSG.

This is the third year with Lindy Ruff as our defensive coach and it’s probably a year too long. Fans were rightfully calling for him to be relieved of his duties last season and somehow he stuck it out. The Rangers defense has clearly been the worst part of their game since Gorton released the letter announcing the rebuild but with promising guys on the blueline, it hasn’t gotten any better. Brady Skjei’s hockey IQ has hit Helen Keller levels of being atrocious. A guy with so much promise and now this year he’s being used as possible trade bait. Jacob Trouba was acquired in the offseason and fans were ecstatic. Now we’re 44 games into the season and people despise him. Why is this happening? How is nobody addressing the defensive woes and holding Ruff accountable? It doesn’t add up.

The Rangers are currently 6 points out of the final wild card spot in the Eastern Conference and with this high powered offense it seems like it’s in reach. But we can’t continue to leave our goalies out to dry with odd man rushes, breakaways and uncontested passes across the crease and expect to squeak into the playoffs. We have to do what’s right for this team going forward and dump Ruff. It comes to absolutely zero shock to me at all that over the course of the last two years with all these teams needing a head coach that nobody.. and I mean No. Body. Called the Rangers and asked to speak to Lindy Ruff. He is abysmal and he’s going to be the reason the Rangers potentially don’t contest for that wild card spot.



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