Patrick Graham: Getting To Know The New York Giants New Defensive Coordinator

The coaching staff that will be surrounding new head coach Joe Judge is finally beginning to take shape. The Giants have hired former Dolphins defensive coordinator, Patrick Graham. This just leaves a few minor assistant jobs and of course the offensive coordinator position open for the Giants.

Patrick Graham and Joe Judge have worked together in the past with the New England Patriots. Graham worked in the Patriots organization from 2009-2015. During his tenure he served as a coaching assistant, a defensive assistant, linebackers coach and the defensive line coach. This is even his second time working for the New York Giants as he was the defensive line coach back in 2016-2017.

Last year with the Dolphins was his only year serving as a coordinator. While the stats defensively for the Dolphins aren’t anything special, this is a hire that we really can’t judge until we see the kind of defense he puts on the field this season. I mean the Dolphins really didn’t have anybody special on their defense, same could be said for the Giants but I think he’ll have a lot more players with better upside than he did in Miami.

The Dolphins defensively last season ranked 26th in passing yard allowed with 4198 yards (262 yard per game), they ranked 27th in the league on rushing yards allowed with 2166 yards (135 yards per game). The somewhat bright spot of the Dolphins defense last season was their secondary which ranked in the middle of the pack on interceptions and pass deflections.

There’s no question that the Giants need all the help they can get defensively. I believe they can go out and get some free agents on the defensive side of the ball during the offseason to help out and hopefully that gives Graham a better unit to work with than what he had in Miami. It was only one year for Graham so it’s hard to say what he did in Miami was a failure, the lack of run defense is concerning but it’s something that can easily be fixed and Joe Judge even expressed how important it was to stop the run in his introductory presser. Let’s be patient and not crush this hire yet and see how it plays out, obviously it isn’t a flashy hire for DC but Joe Judge wasn’t a flashy HC hire and people’s tone seemed to of change rather quickly on that.

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