Judgement Day For The Houston Astros Has Arrived And The Punishment Isn’t That Harsh…

The punishment regarding the Houston Astros cheating scandal that resulted in them winning the 2017 World Series have finally been handed out:

I mean… this punishment isn’t that harsh. They lose their General Manager and manager for the 2020 season and their first and second round draft picks for the next two years and the team was fined $5 million.

I mean I guarantee you a Mets fan would take this trade off for a World Series title. The Astros are a win-now/a fairly young team, so the loss of  draft picks will hurt them but not as badly as if they were a team that wasn’t set up to win. The $5 million fine is chump change to a big market team, if the Astros were a team like the Mariners or Athletics it would be a lot worse. But they aren’t. $5 million is half of Brett Gardner’s contract, half. That’s it. It’s chump change to the Astros.

All the players are fine, so Verlander, Altuve, Correa, Springer, Bregman will all play a full season this year. They just lose out on AJ Hinch on the bench. I mean it’s really not that bad. I thought the MLB was going to throw the book at them?

The Astros keep all their international spending money, keep their World Series title, are eligible to play in the playoffs which they will make next season without AJ Hinch. It’s a steal. Any team would take that trade off. 

And in the midst of writing this, this news just broke:

Thank Jim Crane for having divinity in yourself and your franchise. Peace out AJ Hinch you lying fraudulent sack of shit.

The only punishment we are still awaiting is the ruling of the ring leader of this whole sign stealing operation, Alex Cora, the manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Hey Alex Cora, prepare to get railed buddy.

Yankees 2020 World Series incoming folks!!! Get ready!

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